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Witches and Peformers of Ring Dances

Some of Them Operate in Liminal Worlds

Witches Today 

Today when we hear about witches it could bring to mind any number of pictures and common stereotypes. We might also think of the witches and sorcerers of fairy tales, or the sad history of murder, torture and executions that have been inflicted on those suspected of using magic or consorting with spirits.


Many of us might think of the constant Hollywood clichés, and the other generally ridiculous and unrealistic portrayals of witches and witchcraft by the media.


The practices of witches in the past bear little resemblance to those of many solitary and group practitioners today, and none at all to the imaginations of popular entertainment.


Presently there is a rich diversity of pagan and Wiccan traditions, many of them attempting to reclaim forgotten lore and knowledge while forging new pathways of partnership and mutually beneficent interactions with the Otherworld, including the realms of faerie.


Even today, witches and witchcraft mean different things within different cultures. 


Dressing for Witchery 

Solitary practitioners, magical groups and covens may choose from among many types of ritual clothing, which can range from practicing naked to jeans and a tee-shirt or fully and elaborately robed.


But what about the traditional story-book portrayal in Western culture of witches wearing long dark robes and tall, black pointed hats? Strangely, even though nobody has dressed like this for hundreds of years, except at Halloween, this is still the most common and popular portrayal of the traditional witch. What's more, they are still shown dancing together in circles. But why?


I may be able to provide a partial answer: perhaps we understand at a subconscious level that those operating magically in liminal worlds, including humans who have learned how to do so, still dress like this. 


Tall Hats and Ring Dances

The photographs in this little gallery show two images from a collection representing witches in traditional costume displaying the instantly recognizable imagery of fairy tale characters in stories of wonder and magic. This includes the traditional accompaniments of a broomstick-like vehicle, pointed hats and cats.


Ring dances, considered to be a way of raising energy, were once so much more than that. I have a photographic collection of ring dances being performed in liminal worlds. Sometime they are performed by faeries and tiny elementals, at other times by humans or entities that strongly resemble us.


Ring dances are a type of technology still in use and being performed secretly. They are of ancient and multidimensional origin,  and I believe that the original ring dances utilized a portal-opening technology among other things, and that they are still in use in a realm contiguous to our own.


There are more fascinating photos of ring dancing in the book 'Photographs of Faeries'. 


If you have trouble seeing any of the pictures, mouse-over the image and you will see a clearly-labeled version.








The Ring Dance  



Old woodcut of a ring-dance


Below is a photograph taken on a dark winter's day that captured an interdimensional ring dance as it was taking place. This one is being performed by human-sized entities who were not visible when the photo was taken.


The photo was taken through scrumb and branches and there is just enough light to dimly make out the circle of dancers who appear as black Silhouettes .


Get your copy of 'Photographs of Faeries' to see the photograph details and more photos of ring dances. 







The terrifying faery encounter described below is somebody's true and very dangerous experience.




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Below: small elemental spirits

Elemental spirit

Elemental spirit

Elemental spirit face

Elemental spirit

Elemental spirits flying

Elemental spirits walking

Elemental spirit

Elemental spirit

Elemental spirit

A Faery crystal photographed floating in mid-air the forest