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Digital Seership


The Seers of Old

The seers of old were able to see the faery folk, and they were able under certain conditions to allow other people to share their visions. 


Different methods are given from place to place, but most of them involve touching the seer, and by this touch combined with accomplishing a series of instructions for physical positioning, the second sight could temporarily be achieved and the faeries and elementals could be seen, which could sometimes be overwhelming and even terrifying. 


One of my missions is to bring a new and fresh awareness of the many beings who inhabit a world so close to and intermeshed with our own that in many ways we share the same space. These 'hidden' folk are still our neighbours today, secret cousins, and a new awareness of their existence is finally beginning to blossom. 


Do You Believe in Faeries? 

For millennia the good people were understood to exist, but sadly, for centuries now children - and adults - have been asking each other "Do you believe in faeries?", often hoping at a deep inner level that they are a reality. This is more of a remembering than a new possibility or discovery, a knowledge carried in the blood, and especially strongly in some people. 


So many people have always known deep inside that the Otherworld realms were very real, and now hundreds of faeries and elementals are made visible, but unlike our ancestors, we can view them digitally from the safety of our homes. 


Jane Tripp - Digital Seer 

A hidden world and its inhabitants can now be revealed using contemporary electronic equipment, such as digital cameras.


This means I can present to you some of the very best paranormal photographic images available in the world today.


The Book of Faeries 

Among the hundreds of images in the book are faery men, women, children and animals, elves, pixies, goblins, mermaids, witches, spirits of place and landscape entities as well as sometimes those spirits of the dead who choose to frequent the Underworld after passing from physicality.  


 Faeries and Other Transdimensionals Watch Us

While some of us might be able to catch glimpses of the Otherworld, faeries and other transdimensionals can see us with ease. We are watched by many types of entities and it's always been that way. Below is a small gallery of spirit eyes watching humans.


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About Jane Tripp   

Jane Tripp is a writer and independent researcher. She is also a transdimensional and trans-time photographer and a physical photographic medium. This means that as well as taking photos of different types of spirits, she can also photograph scenes from the past, and much more rarely, the future. 


Acting as a paranormal naturalist exploring liminal worlds, she is photographically documenting the transdimensional fauna of the Otherworld, taking on the role of a contemporary digital seer.  


Jane has focused on developing photograph editing techniques that allow her to investigate the hidden visual data that she learned certain photographs contain. 


Her experiments and research in this direction have taken her on a fascinating journey into largely unexplored worlds where she has been able to discover some amazing but hidden secrets, not only about the true nature of the photographic image, but about the nature of reality itself. 


As a result of this research Jane became very interested in photographic imagery, but with perhaps a slightly different perspective than most photographers. 


This has enabled her to unlock several mysteries and reveal what has previously been invisible. It has also led to several 'firsts' which she is very eager to share with the world, especially the discoveries she has made about time and time-travel. 


Her life-long preoccupation with the mysterious world of the paranormal and the discoveries that have followed as the result of this passionate interest and determination to make the unknown known has turned into an ongoing and never-ending series of projects. 


Her areas of interest, research and expertise include the occult, the paranormal, paranormal image study, time, time travel and time anomalies, the study of faeries, contact with other worlds, ancient history and generally all areas of High Strangeness. 


Jane is currently writing two books about trans-time photography. The first one, which will be exclusively about  Pompeii and the areas devastated by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius on August 24 AD 79, will be available later this year. It will contain hundreds of photographs showing scenes from two thousand years ago.  


Jane is also an artist who works with colored pencils. As well she produces Mirari photographic digital art as an artist and spiritual medium in cooperation with many types of spirits. 


Jane Tripp's photography produces landscapes which contain tantalizing windows that reveal glimpses into other worlds, other dimensions and other times. She receives anomalous imagery in all known, and some previously unknown, categories. 


These include full-body apparitions, faces, people and animals, particularly spirit cats, faeries and elementals, spirits of place, insect-like forms, shadow-figures, UFOs and micro-craft, ghostly buildings, objects, scenes from the past, scenes from the future, fairy tale and mythic scenes, religious and mystical scenes, god and goddess forms, shamanic images, colored mists, orbs, lights, rods, sparkles, and more. 


She can also uncloak cloaked craft, both photographically and through image editing, as well as revealing some of the secret experiments going on above our heads within the Earth's atmosphere. 


The transdimensional transmissions she gets are received through some unknown mechanism which must fall into the paranormal category until explained with future science, which one day it will be. 


It isn’t about the camera, it's about the paranormal abilities of the person using it. If you don't have this unusual aptitude, there will probably be nothing anomalous visible on your photos. Having said that, it's Jane's belief that far more people now have this ability than is currently realized, and that number is rapidly growing




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Jane Tripp -

Digital Seer

Below: small elemental spirits

Elemental spirit

Elemental spirit

Elemental spirit face

Elemental spirit

Elemental spirits flying

Elemental spirits walking

Elemental spirit

Elemental spirit

Elemental spirit

A Faery crystal photographed floating in mid-air the forest