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Photographs of Faeries

A Photographic Catalog Containing 100's of Transdimensional Images of the Faery Realm & its Inhabitants 


Real Faeries & Elemental Spirits Captured On Camera 

by Jane Tripp - Digital Seer 



A True Fairy Tale

Like all good fairy tales, this one begins with the absolutely impossible happening: Once upon a time there was a woman who could photograph fairies...


 and she put them in a book - but it was not a book of fairy stories, instead being a very real and true-life faery tale. It does not contain any lies. 


Does this sound like a faery riddle? In a way it is, but as I explore the secret and usually hidden lands of the Otherworld in a bid to understand an ancient conundrum, I am also honored to be able to finally share with the world the  extraordinary experience which will allow you also to see the liminal, luminous and crystalline world of faery - in full and glowing color.


I Can't See Faeries - Yet I Have Quite  Literally Seen Hundreds Of Them

I haven't so far been blessed with the gift of seeing fairies and elementals except in inner vision. And yet, I have seen hundreds of real, living faeries and elementals with my own physical eyes. In this truly magical book lies your opportunity to share this incredible experience.



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A Word About Faeries - Who are They? 

Faery or Fairy:  The alternative and most common spelling is fairy, but the word ‘faery’ is considered correct when describing the distinct race that they represent. 


Very misunderstood, most people assume faeries are creatures of myth that do not and never did really exist. They are in fact a living race separated dimensionally from us, but not by very much.


At one time on Earth this separation was not so distinct. Marriages that produced offspring were quite frequently arranged and the ancestors of these unions still exist all over the world today. Often in Europe they display red hair and green eyes, but not always.


This may be in part where hereditary witches and people with certain psychic abilities find their ancestral origins. Attempts to exterminate them from the gene pool took the form of executing witches and those accused of being witches in many parts of the world, but particularly in Europe.


Once Beloved

At one time beloved of the people, the faerie’s extreme magical and healing talents and earth-centered beliefs threatened those in power.


Shakespeare, whose plays were very popular with ordinary working people, wrote frequently about fairies. At the time there was still a common faery faith tradition among the peoples of Britain and Europe, but it was already waning.


It was well understood in earlier times that faeries, although reported in many shapes and sizes, were known to be often as tall as, or taller than humans. They were never considered to be a small people.


Shakespeare's attempts to describe them as very tiny and minimal beings within his plays could have had several motives. Perhaps he wished to re-write popular folk knowledge and suspend belief in an alternate reality that by now was being experienced more and more rarely by humans anyway.


It’s even possible that he deliberately tried to confuse faeries with elemental beings in people’s minds, re-directing popular thinking hoping to hasten the end of the sporadic attempts at genocide of humans believed to carry faery bloodline that were perpetrated over the centuries.


Suspended Belief 

Whatever his reasons, belief, knowledge and understanding of this other ancient race have mainly been slowly suspended over the last few hundred years. Some places however have preserved far more of this heritage, and it still has influence on the lives and actions of people today in countries such as Ireland and Iceland.


Further romanticized in Europe during the Victorian era as being tiny, winged and child-like, the reality of their race in every part of the world has been largely forgotten. Regardless, faeries exist whether or not a person 'believes' in them.


Humans have an old and necessary but largely forgotten alliance with the faery races, and many people are working very hard to re-forge the bond between our human selves and the faery, our ancient cousins.


This same faery tradition exists in one form or another everywhere on Earth. There isn't a country or culture on the planet that does not or did not at one time not only believe in, but interact with the faery folk in many different ways.


Faery Frequencies

All life exists in an ocean of light frequencies, but as humans on Earth we are able to decode with our physical bodies and subsequently witness only within the very tiny frequency band which we know as 'visible light'.


Everything that dwells in the possibly infinite frequencies beyond out personal bandwidth is usually completely invisible to us and largely unimaginable. Our brains are the organic computers through which we access and interact with the visible world around us.


We see and sense what is required for our survival and basic needs, but there is of course much more which remains undetected by the mundane senses.


Dark Matter

Out there, all around us in fact, it is now believed there exists a substance that has been labeled 'dark matter'. It’s inferred existence implies (via gravitational effects) that this substance, made up of dark matter and dark energy together, takes up nearly all of space, occupying 84.5% of the total mass of our universe, and we can't see any of it.


Dark matter does not emit any light that we can see, neither does it seem to interact perceptibly with our very limited bandwidth of perceived electromagnetic radiation, or light.


This means that dark matter cannot be seen, even though the dark matter frequencies closest to our own are only just outside of our abilities to interpret.


But is this hidden part of the universe, and what or who it contains, available to some of us via extrasensory means? 


And equally important, can a portion of this same hidden world and its inhabitants be revealed digitally using contemporary electronic equipment, such as digital cameras and other recording instruments?


It may also be possible that the inhabitants of this invisible world that live closest to the borderlands between us and them are able to - and sometimes choose or even need to - interact up to a point with our own world, on the edge of our visible light and perception, when the necessary conditions are favorable.


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An Expanded Bandwidth

And if some people have the gift of a slightly expanded perceptual bandwidth, which implies the ability to interact over an expanded frequency range as well, anomalous events in the form of what is termed 'high strangeness' can, and will, occur, operating on as yet unknown energetic principles.


In the unique and stand-alone book 'Photographs of Faeries' you will see a fascinating and varied portion of this seemingly enchanted world which intersects with our own.


In many ways we have merely forgotten this knowledge. Our ancestors around the world knew of and dealt with other realms and had proscribed ways of interacting with its inhabitants, often through the intervention of ritual, seers and shamans.


What Will I See in the Faery Book?

You shouldn't expect the people you are going to see to look like us.While some of them do strongly resemble us, others have a wildness to them that is unfamiliar to most humans today.


The denizens of this other world do not appear the same as in our own, but as these two worlds are related, and to some extent depend upon and interact with each other, we can expect aspects of it to be familiar.


A Great Variety

Expect unusual colors sometimes, such as green and blue skin tones. Other things you will see are tattoos, an array of hats and headgear, including witches hats and pointed caps, coronets of flowers, veils, shawls and elaborate hair-styles.


The often-reported 'shining brow' phenomenon is very real and one of the forms of illumination that will be frequently visible in the images.


Many styles of clothing and presentations are displayed. The denizens of the Otherworld are as concerned with the way they appear as we are.


Ancestors will manifest next to faeries, very large and very small entities will be seen and elementals usually accompany them all. Sometimes mythic images will appear, and spirits of place.


Because they live in a separate dimension, albeit one that also overlaps our own, they can never demonstrate the solidity of form that we experience here. The miracle is that they can be seen at all.



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A Vibrant Secret World 

Using the editing technique I developed previously specifically to uncover hidden details in photographic anomalies, a delicate but vibrant secret world has been visibly uncovered.


Faery and elemental forms differ from our own, and yet there are many similarities to human and animal forms that you will recognize. Faery and elemental forms seem semi-transparent and diaphanous to us in this dimension.


·        Faery and elemental forms are self-luminous. They are lit from within and generally have a glow about them. They also reflect light as we do, particularly from the eyes.

·         Faery beings often display a bright light around the forehead and crown area. This applies also to faery animals.

·         Elemental forms often display as small colored lights. When they are zipping around in the air they leave little trails behind them as they fly, as you will see. Nevertheless, when edited, many display face and form.

·         Faery and elemental forms sometimes look like human beings. They can often be distinguished from human spirits in these instances by unusual details in the way in which they display themselves. This can include unusual decoration, tattoos, clothing and head gear.

·         More rarely, wings are displayed. While these are obvious wings, many elementals leave wing-like trails behind them as they travel through the air. People who see them with psychic vision may well interpret these energetic plasmic structures as wings.

·         Spirit animals, insects, elementals and faeries - in fact all spirit forms -  can appear very much smaller or larger than we are used to seeing in our own environment.


The photographic images of the different types of Otherworldly inhabitants are as diverse as the ones you will find in the varied artist's illustrations of the faery world.


The Exotic Fauna and Flora of the Otherworld

In times past naturalists travelled the world to document  and collect different species of flora and fauna in order to better know and comprehend the seemingly endless diversity of the world in which we live.


Quite often the stories of the marvels seen and described or presented as paintings were disbelieved unless specimens were actually produced.


The onset of photography changed everything, revealing for the first time to the world the incredibleabundance of plants and creatures we are blessed with, displaying in all their wondrously varied shapes,

sizes and colors.


We live in a vastly different world today, and in the spirit of the naturalists and explorers of the past, I present to you a photographic study of the previously largely unseen and completely pictorially unrecorded exotic fauna of the Otherworld.


An Otherworld  Naturalist Reveals Hidden Worlds For You

It has been my privilege to be able to take these amazing photographs and reveal the hidden worlds within them, and for this I will always be grateful. I believe it is also a privilege for us to be able to finally see them before our eyes in such glowing detail.


We have been given a new way of acting as intermediaries between the mundane world we inhabit andthe Otherworld, home of the Shining Ones.


Within the wooded landscapes the photos are taken in nestle other landscapes from Otherwhere, oftencomplete with their own little landscape of trees, skies, and of course, the faeries and many other spiritswho inhabit these very special photographs side by side.


Moving Through The Forests Clothed In Light 

They appear like pale and misty flames, moving through the forests clothed in light, no longer only in our imaginations, but  alive in a conjoined - but photographable - reality.


These self-illuminated beings are thought of by most today to be a fictional people of myth, along with gnomes, goblins, ghosts and ghouls. In fact, to call an account a 'fairy story' in modern times is to label it a work of fiction, or even a lie.


The Truth at Last

But is that really the truth? Every year around the world, thousands of people still have paranormal encounters with the unknown, and this includes continued sightings of faeries and even interactions with them.


Have all these people been making up these stories for various reasons across the centuries? No, they have not, and the truth can now be perceived photographically.




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Below: small elemental spirits

Elemental spirit

Elemental spirit

Elemental spirit face

Elemental spirit

Elemental spirits flying

Elemental spirits walking

Elemental spirit

Elemental spirit

Elemental spirit

A Faery crystal photographed floating in mid-air the forest