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 Faery Cats, Birds and Snakes, Oh My!

Faery Cats and Other Liminal, Luminous Creatures    

Life is as abundant in the Otherworld as it is on our material Earth. In fact, life is abundant everywhere in the Universe, because the nature and nurturer of life is diversity, and most of the incredible variety of lifeforms are completely invisible to humans while they are in embodiment. 


In the book 'Photographs of Faeries' you will find images from other realms, some viewed through interdimensional portals, some overlaid on top of our Earthly landscape.


There are trees, flowers, plants, rock, water, rural landscapes and sky, just as there are here. Such natural features exist everywhere. 


Also found in the faery realms are creatures of earth, air, water and fire, including animals, birds, reptiles, insects, fish and other sea creatures, as well as elementals and mineral lifeforms. Many of them are familiar and recognizable to us, but others are not.


Below is a small sample of some of the Otherworld animals found in the faery section of the Jane Tripp photograph collection


 If you have trouble seeing any of the pictures, mouse-over the image and you will see a clearly-labeled version.


 Birds of the Otherworld

Below are some clear examples of faery and other spirit birds, which are as plentiful in their world as in our own. Spirit birds work with faeries, elementals and humans in a variety of cooperative ways.



The Faery Eagle

In the original photo a group of faeries and elementals are seen flying together past the tree tops, and this is made available in 'Photographs of Faeries'. Below are cropped images showing the marvelous eagle. 





The Chick

Cropped from the same photo as the eagle, this image shows a baby chick being carried in the cupped hands of one of the flying faeries.




The Owl and the Raven

The spirit owl seen below left was photographed in the forest. The Black

silhouette of the raven seen below right is one of the totem animals of my red-haired daughter who is also in the photo, which was taken indoors. The scene is so overlaid, all you can see of her is her hair.




Helping Out an Insect 

Elemental spirits and many faeries work closely with the natutal world. It's a great pity that a lot of people still don't realize that all life is important.

One summer day a dragonfly that was flying in a lop-sided manner clumsily settled on my hand. I saw that somehow a long human hair had wrapped itself round and round one delicate wing. It sat still as I carefully unwound the hair and when the wing was free the dragonfly flew away.

I know the insect came to me for help. Many folk feel that an insect doesn't have a brain large enough to figure anything out. It's a mistake to measure any creatures intelligence against our own, because each life-form is uniquely equipped to function in its own habitat, which is its entire world.

What an arrogant mistake we might be making in thinking that consciousness takes place only inside the brain. We have very little idea yet what type of access to which kind of consciousness any individual creature might have, including ourselves, as we are only just beginning to realize the wonders the human mind is capable of.

In the charming and intriguing images below you will see that one little elemental clearly found an insect important and worthy of personal loving care.





Spirit Snakes

There are serpents you can't see living in the forest. In fact, they can be in many places, just like the physical snakes of our own world.




Faery Cats

In the realms of faery, animals are valued, but some are favored above others in matters of companionship.


One species in particular has earned the love and trust of different peoples interdimensionally, and that is the feline, in its many wonderful forms. 


I have photos containing images of faery horses, birds and other creatures, but the animal I find the most in the company of faeries, witches, sorcerers and of course, humans, are cats.  


Their mystical associations are why in the past many cats were also rounded up and killed for the same reasons as humans who were suspected of being witches or sorcerers. 


It's a great pity that such ignorance exists in the world, because a domestic cat is a most marvelous companion, intelligent, wise and nurturing, as well as being a keen protector of her human companion when it comes to supernatural pests, and that is just the beginning of the talents inherent in most cats. 


Both big and domestic cats are multi-dimensional beings no matter what world they inhabit. It's part of their unique signature. Cats perform a special function here on Earth that most humans are completely unaware of. The Egyptians understood this.

A Flying Cat

A winged faery cat flies by me in the wood and looks back curiously as he does so.



Flying Past

A second cat zips past in a forested area obscured in the photo by a red mist.




A Winged Cat

Below left a cat sits staring towards the camera. At lower right is a beribboned and winged cat seen sitting, facing left.





A cat sitting in the ritual position of an Egyptian Bast statuette has materialized.



Portal Cat

In this photograph we see a fairy tale scene, with an open doorway portal visible. Who is in the portal entrance?










 A Real 'Cat in the Hat'

Below is quite possibly my favorite faery photograph of all. This beautiful image showing the head of a black cat wearing a lovely hat has all the glamour of a magical cat in a book of fairy tales, except this is a genuine photographic image and the enchantment is real. This is a cat that you would invite for tea.


 Faeries and faery animals wear clothes, hairstyles and other adornments that we would often consider either masculine or feminine, exotically and interchangeably.


This charming kitty has one blue left eye and a silver right eye, odd eye colors being frequent in the faery realms. He or she is wearing a summer hat covered in roses and other flower buds. Flowers adorn many of the denizens of the Otherworld. They are a popular decoration and roses are favored.


Nevertheless, the light can be seen reflecting from the cat's eyes and small black nose in a very normal and cat-like way, and until you remember the hat and note the high-necked lacy blouse this feline is wearing, it might almost look normal.


This is a lovely image to show to children, as long as they understand not to dress up their own Earthly pet cats in this way. This is a faery cat.






Have You Heard About the Lion Whisperer?

Many people are aware of Kevin Richardson and his work with African lions. Watching his interactions with the lions and other animals that he has given his life to help on video has made people everywhere marvel at the possibilities of animal and human interactions. 


What many people still don't realize is that African lions are an endangered species that may not survive in the wild until 2050 if the present trends continue. 


The work Kevin is doing is immensely important. In the video below, he explains what is happening and how we can help. If you donate or volunteer to help animal causes, please consider this very special one worthy of your attention.   


Here is the link to The Kevin Richardson Foundation: 










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Below: small elemental spirits

Elemental spirit

Elemental spirit

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Elemental spirit

Elemental spirit

A Faery crystal photographed floating in mid-air the forest