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There are bug-sized piloted miniature craft all around us, invisible to the naked eye! 


A friend on seeing the Microcraft images for the first time: "It was great and especially the one where one could see even the face of the pilot flying the Microcraft !!!!! It was stupendous for me. Who are they? Where are they from? What are they doing here and how fantastic would their world be?" - Anil Rao, India.



Microcraft - A Preview - Introducing a Phenomenon Newly Discovered by Jane Tripp 

Picture this: the summer weekend is hot and people are out enjoying the outdoors, camping, hiking and indulging in water activities. Families and friends having fun are not generally thinking about the supernatural or the unknown. They are focused on the material world and the pleasures it brings.

All around them, unseen, tiny bug-sized flying craft are zipping in and out of the trees, leaving little trails of exhaust behind them. They dodge people, animals, trees, plants, rocks and buildings effortlessly.

Miniature aircraft, UFOs the size of insects, piloted by tiny people - how can this be?

Used as a device for science fiction stories, everybody knows that craft - and pilots - that small are not really a possibility. They are a fantasy. Or are they? 

Unknown entities, many of whom look like us, travel in these pleasure craft. Some are carrying just one or two people, others are clearly transporting entire groups.

These tiny people gaze from the windows onto our giant world, sight-seeing in an entirely different way.

They know that they are undetectable, cloaked and cruising around quite safely while observing our world in a very novel way. The craft are each different, as individual as our own.

But who are they? Where do they come from? How long have there been invisible tourists on Earth? Are they us?  

Whoever they are, they have solved the issue of size, having perfected shrinking technology, regarding both functional objects and people, and they use portals as well.

This new photographic mystery is a deep one and I look forward to sharing my discoveries soon in a new publication which will showcase an extensive variety of photos recording the phenomenon.

The craft will be shown with their original photographs and the individual edits will be labeled and accompanied by detailed descriptions. Meanwhile, a small selection of images follows recording the newly discovered phenomenon of Microcraft.

They will not be heavily labeled or described at this time. All the craft you are about to see are very tiny, no bigger than insects and completely invisible to the naked eye.

As they have the ability to either avoid solid objects (most likely) or pass right through them, there really are not many places they couldn't gain access to here on Earth, but the craft you are about to see were photographed in rural and wooded or forested locations.

You will recognize the following images as flying machines - they are not dissimilar from our own, but one thing is certain - you can't book a flight on one of these craft from any travel agency in our world.


Mouseover the images and you will see the clearly-labeled versions.



The first image shows a tiny bee-sized craft which was flying through the forest when I photographed it. It isn't luck that I have so many images like this - these micro-craft are everywhere. Flying from left to right, the air disturbance around the craft is visible. 





The little craft below looks like a cute toy, but although tiny, it's very real. There are some amazing details visible, such as the domed cockpit. Much more will be revealed in the upcoming book 'Microcraft - Miniature Visitors to Our World'.




Below is a woodland scene that captured images of microcraft.We will look at one of them more closely.







The craft below appears to be a recreational vehicle and is shaped a little like a hovercraft.



The lower image has been silhouetted to show the outlines of this industrial-looking microcraft more clearly. Some kind of exhaust is discharging at the rear of the plane, seen at lower left as a bright blue color. The light at the top of the craft is clear. 



The image shows a tiny vehicle which is swooping through the air, piloted by someone wearing a helmet with a light on. The blue curve shows the path of this bug-sized craft which seems to be bouncing through the air leaving what looks like a plasma trail behind it.





    Transdimensional Technologies

One of the key points I'm trying to bring people to understand is that real nuts and bolts technology exists at a transdimensional level in places 'close' to our own, just as it does here, even if transdimensionals are using it with more advanced physics and correspondingly sophisticated scientific principles.


I've seen evidence of it in hundreds of photographs. We can't usually see it, but it's certainly there. 


The images on this page are examples of such invisible hi-tech exotic technologies in the form of tiny UFO's identifiable as aircraft, and there are many more that I've exposed visually with my work. 


But who is using them? People we didn't know existed who come from places we can only dream of? They have portal technology, shrinking technology (possibly gravitational) and plasma craft. 


While some of them may be going about serious business when they visit Earth, from the look of many of the tiny UFOs, they seem to be used by tourists flying in the previously unknown and newly discovered microcraft for pleasure trips.


Have a secret Earth group discovered the technology to make microcraft a reality, along with the implied shrinkage of associated objects, pilots and passengers? If so, there will be video footage and photographs somewhere. 


If they do exist, they are probably kept in secret facilities, so in practical terms of availability, there are no other photographs of this phenomenon in existence on the planet to my knowledge, yet more may later surface from other people. 


The book about them will be published along with many more images. There is no shortage of these microcraft. 


This is just the beginning of my research into what might prove to be more dangerous territory than that found while exploring the outer edges of some of the faery realms that are contiguous with our own world. 


All the same, the UFO connection to faeries is well known if little understood, and the possible connections such invisible visitors to (or inhabitants of) our world may have with the faeries, elementals and other transdimensionals can't be discounted. An article on that subject will be posted soon. 


Possibilities as to who might be using the craft seem far-fetched, but the subject matter itself is far-fetched by the rather narrow-minded standards of the day, so we must include a short-list of the most likely potential candidates:


·       Earth humans with secret technology 

·       A breakaway civilization 

·       Inner Earth inhabitants 

·       Transdimensionals 

·       Time travelers 

·       Aliens from other planets 

·       Inhabitants of a parallel Earth 


As my friend said, "Who are they? Where are they from? What are they doing here and how fantastic would their world be?" 


The following craft images are a little wobbly due to size and movement but they are still very obviously aircraft.










The heads of two more pilots taken from microcraft cockpits are seen below.





Below is a different kind of craft. It seems open in plan like a bike and the person using it is sitting on it as it is about to pass through a vertical portal.




Can You Help? 

I can't name the parts that are visible on some of the tiny craft, and yet some of them look identifiable. I'm completely unfamiliar with aircraft types, parts and flight in general so I'll be seeking some professional input and reporting the result, hopefully soon.


Meanwhile, if anybody more knowledgeable can help out with extra information or insight about the craft, please email me using the address below with the word 'Microcraft' in the subject line. 



Contact Jane Tripp: 





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Below: small elemental spirits

Elemental spirit

Elemental spirit

Elemental spirit face

Elemental spirit

Elemental spirits flying

Elemental spirits walking

Elemental spirit

Elemental spirit

Elemental spirit

A Faery crystal photographed floating in mid-air the forest