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An Unusual Type of Elemental Spirit  

Slenderman (also known as the Slender Man) - the word sent shivers down the spines of schoolchildren as well as some adults.


But is there any truth to the urban legend? Not really. Slenderman first made an appearance as a fictional supernatural entity in Something Awful forums. Created by user Eric Knudsen, the sinister character became a creepypasta internet meme. 


It caught on to the point that it has now inspired movies, and is featured in fan-fiction and video games. 


Slenderman was also very unfortunately the inspiration behind several violent crimes and a near-fatality. 


Portrayed as a thin, dangerous, unnaturally tall and faceless entity in a black suit who abducts people, especially children, since the creation, there have been numerous sighting claims and many photography hoaxes. 


And yet tall, solitary spirits have been around for a long time and are not new, even though they don’t look like the suited-up Slenderman.  


The word that best describes these very tall, thin spirits is lugubrious. They are indeed slender and unusually proportioned, with an air of solitary gloom about them that can noticeably change the surrounding atmosphere. 


They frequent low-lying marshy places, but also like gravel pits and areas near reservoirs and hydroelectric dams, which is not usually a good sign. 


Below are some photographs of the strange-seeming entities that share some traits in common with the descriptions of Slenderman.  


The first image has been edited differently and cartoonized, and that has served to show up details not visible previously. As you can see below, this entity has very rudimentary features, as though copied from elsewhere, another sign that this is an elemental spirit rather than a human one.  


That is not physical water from our dimension that you see in a pool at the feet of the first two entities, but something the entities bring with them along with the lights, which may be elementals, as their own personal depressed and watery atmosphere. 


As you can see, the first stooped figure is looking towards the camera in a most miserable way. 


If you have trouble seeing any of the pictures, mouse-over the image and you will see a clearly-labeled version.








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Below: small elemental spirits

Elemental spirit

Elemental spirit

Elemental spirit face

Elemental spirit

Elemental spirits flying

Elemental spirits walking

Elemental spirit

Elemental spirit

Elemental spirit

A Faery crystal photographed floating in mid-air the forest