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Digital Seer - Accessing the Invisible Realms of Faery  


The Companion Book to 'Photographs of Faeries'


'Digital Seer - Photographing the Invisible Realms of Faery' will cover all the familiar aspects of faery lore but it will also cover some rarely considered aspects of the world of faery, as well as some brand new discoveries and concepts. 


As a bonus the subject matter will be illustrated with more genuine transdimensional photographs of real faeries and elemental spirits in their Otherworld habitats. Just some of the subjects covered will include:



·        Trooping and processions 

·        Interdimensional gates, portals and vortexes 

·        Bees and birds - their Otherworld folkloric connections 

·        Faeries and animals 

·        The relativity of size in the faery realms 

·        Magnetic fields and magnetic anomalies 

·        The UFO connection 

·        Micro-craft 

·        Faery technology and glamour 

·        Shape-shifting, plasma and holography 

·        Landscape, acoustic resonance and quantum entanglement 

·        People trapped in stone and landscape - what do the legends mean? 

·        Missing people, missing time and abductions 

·        The Wild Hunt 

·        The Coming of the Fairies by Arthur Conan Doyle - one photograph is real 

·        Faeries and the dead 

·        The ancient ring dance is still carried out by humans and faeries. What is it and what does it accomplish? 

·        Dark matter and co-walkers - mirror worlds 






A Photographic Catalog Containing 100's of Transdimensional Images of the Faery Realm & its Inhabitants - Real Faeries & Elemental Spirits Captured On Camera by  Jane Tripp - Digital Seer  




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Jane Tripp

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Below: small elemental spirits

Elemental spirit

Elemental spirit

Elemental spirit face

Elemental spirit

Elemental spirits flying

Elemental spirits walking

Elemental spirit

Elemental spirit

Elemental spirit

A Faery crystal photographed floating in mid-air the forest