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Welcome to Underworld Reflections


A True Fairy Tale

Like all good fairy tales, this one begins with the absolutely impossible happening:

Once upon a time there was a woman who could photograph faeries...  


...and that is why you can see real faeries right here at Underworld Reflections. 


This website is for everybody who has ever wanted to see real faeries. If you know in your heart that faeries exist, or if you want to discover the evidence that they are real, then you have magically arrived at the perfect place.  


Underworld Reflections offers satisfaction for people who want to see photographs of real faeries, and it also offers content and links for serious researchers of the paranormal and supernatural, and for people who have a personal interest or involvement in the world of faery.


Acting as a paranormal naturalist exploring liminal worlds, photographically documenting the  transdimensional fauna and flora of the Otherworld in the role of a contemporary digital seer, my aim is to provide people with genuine glimpses into other realms. 


You can also purchase the exciting new faery eBook, the first ever of its kind and scope, offering hundreds of text-accompanied photographs. The faery photo-gallery is divided into sections to showcase different types of faery and elemental forms and their activities and environments. 


You will see faery people, faery animals. elemental spirits such as gnomes and goblins, mythic figures, mermaids, faery houses, portals and much more.


May the images bring you happiness, because they are real - please enjoy the galleries and other content and have a great day!





Mouseover the images above and below (or any others on this website) in order to see them labeled. Above: the face of a faery woman. Quite often faeries are seen with a bluish tint to their skin. Below: the luminous and beautiful eye of a goblin.









A Photographic Catalog Containing 100's of Transdimensional Images of the Faery Realm & its Inhabitants - Real Faeries & Elemental Spirits Captured On Camera by  Jane Tripp - Digital Seer  




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Jane Tripp

Jane Tripp -

Digital Seer

Below: small elemental spirits

Elemental spirit

Elemental spirit

Elemental spirit face

Elemental spirit

Elemental spirits flying

Elemental spirits walking

Elemental spirit

Elemental spirit

Elemental spirit

A Faery crystal photographed floating in mid-air the forest